Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long until I get my order? What's your turn around time?

A: Current and most up to date turn around times are post on the home page of the website, it is also in the box you have to check to complete your order. You can also follow MicMama Designs on Instagram and Facebook for weekly updates on orders.

Please note, a business day does not include weekends or holidays

Q: My package is lost/stolen/says delivered but isn't here. What should I do about it?

A: If your package is lost or stolen you must contact your local carrier (USPS) You will get tracking when your package has shipped, after you receive tracking your package is completely out of my hands. 

To get a refund you must follow the steps on the USPS website to file a claim that your package was lost. You will just need your tracking number to do this. It is why all packages are insured. We are not responsible for ANY your package or refund once we have shipped your package and it is tracking. You MUST file a claim through the shipping carrier. 

If you need any help with this please refer to the USPS website or feel free to email us and we can do our best to help!

Q: I was sent the wrong item (size, design ETC) What should I do?: 

A: Email us and we will get it all straightened out for you! Please allow up to 3 business days to get a response


Q:  What if I want to return or exchange an item?

A:  Each item is handmade to order, just for you. Unless there is a mistake on our part, we do not accept returns or exchanges. 

Any mistakes or issues must be addressed within 3 days of receiving your package.

Q: Do you do custom reworks? 

A: We currently do not offer customs

Please keep in mind when ordering bleached items each item will vary with the bleach pattern.  Colors thrown will vary from yellow, tan, orange, pink, white, and grey . All will be relatively the same but it is possible the colors can vary due to oxygen, sunlight and fabric. Please be advised.

Dyed shirts will also slightly vary in color.


Q: Can I get a custom shirt with specific die or bleach patterns?

A: Unfortunately, all shirts are died or bleached in batches. Getting a single shirt in a specific pattern or markings is not available.

Q: I reached out to you on social media and haven't received a response: 

A: PLEASE do not rely on social media to get questions answered. We often times miss messages and comments so PLEASE Email ONLY to contact